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How To Use Perfect Pearls

Create dazzling pearlescent effects with Perfect Pearls. Perfect Pearls are pearlescent pigment powders specially developed with a built-in resin. Easily add shimmering highlights to all your projects becasue there are no extra binders to purchase or mix! Works best on dark papers. Brush on dry or simply add water to produce luminous paints and glazes. Mix with watercolours, inks, acrylic paints, embossing powders, clay and other mediums for radiant results. Embellish your favourite stamped images using Perfect Pearls with Perfect Medium. For pearlescent fabrics combine Perfect Pearls with Percect Fabric Medium. Dust Perfect Pearls over images stamped with Perfect Medium, doodled with Perfect Pens or mix with Perfect Fabric Medium for striking results on multiple surfaces. • Acid free, non-toxic • Built-in binder • Versatile powders for all types of craft projects USE PERFECT PEARLS DRY 1. Apply Perfect Medium to stamp, and stamp onto paper. U... continue reading